Tree Book Project!!!

Hey everyone and welcome to the tree book project. We started this project in language arts class. We started by getting ink and printing different things about trees on paper. We then printed the words about the trees onto hard cardboard-like material. We all then cut the cardboard material into the shape of a tree to be the base of our book. After that, we gathered a bunch of materials to make the art in the middle of our books. We gathered leaves and different things from nature. Then like we did before we got ink and printed the leaves and other things onto newspaper, maps, and more. We then painted a big piece of paper blue and glued it into our book. We then cut out shapes in the newspaper and other things and glued them into our books to make the art collage in the middle of our books.

We left the project of making the art for a while to start our writing. We did three writings, one of them was a life list that was like a bucket list of things we want to do in life. Another writing was a poem called when this is over, it was about things we’ll never take for granted from covid. The last writing was about a hero in our lives and the importance of them. We then glued the writings into our books and glued in some finishing touches. The final piece to this amazing project was putting it in a gallery for one day so everyone could come to look at them. This project was really fun and I hope everyone enjoyed learning about it.