Wings of Fire!!

Wings of fire is an amazing book series about dragons. These thrilling fantasy books take the reader to a whole new world of adventure, friendships, and war. These books are put into their own separate series based on prophecies. You will meet all sorts of different characters as they move through journeys to save their people and the world. Oh and it’s not only massive dragons that live in these books but humans too (also go by scavengers). These books will suck you in while you read but while some books are long and boring in part, there will always be an amazing plot or new journey next. You might want to take them in order but on the way be sure to check out the side series called Legends these books while going back in dragon time and journey through human times. I hope you read these amazing books and ENJOY!!!

Wisdom Tales Comic!

Wisdom tales are stories from all shapes and sizes that come from all over the world and all have a moral or lesson. First, in class we read a book that had a bunch of wisdom tales from all over the world. Then after we had read the book, we each chose a tale that we would make into a comic. The wisdom tale that I chose was “The Red and Blue Coat”. I chose this tale because I  thought it had a good moral and it would be fun to make.  The story is about two friends that are very close and a tricksters tricks them into arguing over what color the coat is until the trickster stops them and shows them the coat. So I started working and what you see above are my results. First, I used the app Sketchbook to draw all of the scenes that happen. Then when I was done with that I used the app comic life3 to put my drawings into a comic and type all of the dialogue out. Then I checked it with my teacher and printed it!

Language Arts Planking Adventure

Do you people of this beautiful earth like planking? Well in my language arts class we planked every day increasing by the week a little bit each time. We did this from September 13, 2021 to November 23, 2021. The increasing step is called the compound effect. The compound effect helps you get more comfortable and helps you get better with what you’re doing. So we did this in our class using planking on the last day our teacher told us to plank as long as we can. One of the things that was challenging in the plank challenge was committing to doing it every day. Another thing I noticed was that if I did it every day it got easier and easier.

One thing that I thought was great about this challenge is that it not only helps build up your physical strength but it also help build up your mental strength. So when the challenge ended I thought that I would slowly start losing this mental strength so every day I tried meditating and it really help and made me better at planking.

Then she told us to pick a new habit and do it for the rest of the year. So I picked my new habit. So every morning I wake up and do push-ups, sit-ups , and Russian twists. I also plank for 15-28 mins every day and I’m hopeful to get to 1 hour near the end of the year. Hope you enjoyed this planking post amazing people 🤩.