My 9th blog post

Have any of you been to Snowmass. Well I have. Snowmass is a great place. It is in Aspen Colorado lucky when we went we got a straight flight there. First I am going to tell you about the chare lift’s the first is a gondola. A gondola is a box shaped thing that can fit 1-6 people.

Next is a lift. A lift can hold different amount of people so it depends on the lift. A lift at snowmass can hold 6 people.




Next is the poma lift you put the pole between your legs and it pulls you.








My 8th blog post

Now I am going to show you a leafwing.

Description: wiped out during the tree Wars with the hivewings, but while they lived, this tribe had green and brown scales and wings were   shaped like leaves

Abilities: could absorb energy from sun light and we’re accomplished gardeners; some were rumored to have unusual control over plants

Queen: last known queen of leafwings was Queen Sequoia, about fifty years ago, at the time of the tree Wars



Know I’m going to show you a Silkwing.

Description: silkwing dragonets are born wingless, but go through metamorphosis at age six, when they develop there 4 big wings and silk spinning abilities; as beautiful  and as gentle as butterflies, with skales in any color under the sun, except black

Abilities: can spin silk from glands on there wrists to create webs or uther woven articles; can detect vibrations with there antennae to assess threats

Queen: Queen Wasp (the last silk wing queen, before the Tree Wars, was Queen Monarch)


Do you now what Wings of Fire is well if you don’t know what it is. It is your lucky day Wings of Fire is a chapter book I love books anyway there is a prophecy and the prophecy will go on for a couple of the books then there will be another prophecy. What I am going to tell you about is in the last couple of books.

Know I am going to show you each tribe on this content and I will show you some uther things too.

This is a Hivewing. Description: red, yellow, and/or orange, but always mixed with some black; four wings

Abilities: vary from dragon to dragon; they include deadly stingers that can come out from their wrists to stab their enemies; venom in their teeth or claws; a paralyzing toxin that can immobilize their prey; or boiling acid sprayed from a stinger on their tails

Queen: Queen Wasp

My fifth blog post!

Now I will show you some cards.

If you go to the top right you will see two trees. Those represent two forest lands and you must put those two lands down to play this card but you have 10 uther random lands to play the card but you see the x on the card well let’s say you have two creatures out well you have to put two random lands so the amount of creatures you have in play that is the amount of lands you have to have out.

You see on this it says flying that means it can only be hit by another flying or some instants can kill them and some cards can if it says it can. And when you deal damage to a player they have to discard their hand and draw 7 more cards. Some cards have funny things near the bottom and some do not have any funny things at the bottom.

Same with this one it is flying to and if you play one fire land and one random land then dragons that you have on in play get +1/+0.

This one is one of my favorites, it has a lot of abilities.

My fourth blog post

I am going to tell you about magic the gathering. It is a fun complicated card if has a lot of thinking and good cards to play. You will see all sorts of cards and pictures In this  awesome card game.


First I will show you the different types of manna. Mountain, island , death , plains , forest.

I like the fire it has a lot of 7/7 and 4/4 and 6/4  and instances and artifacts.

Go  to my next blog post to learn more about magic the gathering.

My third blog post

 Step 4. drill one hole at either side of the pole. Do not do it at the very end of the pole do it a little farther away. Make sure that the hole is big enough for the rope to fit through the hole. Do that for all of the pole pieces . Go on to step 5.


Step 5. Get the rope and put it through one of the holes then put it through another hole in a different pole part then do that for every pole part then get the other piece of rope and put it through the other set of holes you are now ready for step 6.


My second blog post

Know you are ready to build a rope ladder.


Step 1:Mesher how long the rope ladder will be then [let’s say we are working with 9 feet] then cut the rope in half make sure  that each  piece rope is 9 feet  end of step 1 tip[keep everything material that you kut ] 


step 2:  Get the long pole of wood then figure out how many steps are going to be on the ladder then cut the pole into how many steps there in your ladder then step 2 is done.


Step 3: Lay out all the materials to see if you have everything then make sure everything is there and is the right length then get a liter and flam the end of the ropes then you move on to step 4.