Stock Market Simulation!

Welcome everyone to my stocks simulation project~

In the span of two months, my fellow classmates and I designed a stock market simulation and we’ve followed up and completed the simulation. We got the idea of doing this simulation from the famous mystery book, The Westing Game. In The Westing Game, one of the characters loves stocks and does them all the time.

We started the project by setting up a spreadsheet in the Sheets app that records our data. We recorded the names of our company, how much the company has made or lost how many shares we bought, and how much we’ve made or lost. When we finished setting up the spreadsheet we were allowed to invest 20,000(fake) dollars in the companies we wanted. I ended up picking s&p 500, Home Depot, eBay, and American Airlines. I really just chose these companies with my gut. After that, we made index cards that had the name and logo of our investment company and our recording. When we were done with all of that for the span of two months every week we would check our stocks once and then record in our spreadsheet and on our index cards. During this, we said that on the final stock check whoever had the most money would win. In the end, on the final stock check we all ended up in the negatives and we all lost money. This was a really fun project with twists and turns and I recommend this project to anyone.

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