Wisdom Tales Comic!

Wisdom tales are stories from all shapes and sizes that come from all over the world and all have a moral or lesson. First, in class we read a book that had a bunch of wisdom tales from all over the world. Then after we had read the book, we each chose a tale that we would make into a comic. The wisdom tale that I chose was “The Red and Blue Coat”. I chose this tale because I  thought it had a good moral and it would be fun to make.  The story is about two friends that are very close and a tricksters tricks them into arguing over what color the coat is until the trickster stops them and shows them the coat. So I started working and what you see above are my results. First, I used the app Sketchbook to draw all of the scenes that happen. Then when I was done with that I used the app comic life3 to put my drawings into a comic and type all of the dialogue out. Then I checked it with my teacher and printed it!

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