Mountain biking!!!!!

Hello fellow humans, I’m going to talk about my favorite hobby, mountain biking.  Lots of people know how to bike and you might even have a bike, but have you ever been on a trail before? There’s lots of different types of biking; there’s bmx biking which is like doing tricks in a skate park. There’s road biking which is basically biking on a road and you have much thinner wheels. Then there’s mountain biking. Mountain biking is different. When you mountain bike you’re not on a road, you’re on a trail. Trails have obstacles , drops, turns, up hills and  more but mountain biking is actually really hard and you have to be ready to fall down or get hurt. Then there’s the biggest thing of all, you have to be ready to commit. When I first started I had a little bit of a hard time myself, but then I realized that you just have to commit. But one of the best things about mountain biking is the community. I’ve made some great friends in my experience and you can too. Listen in for more mountain biking info!!!!


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