My Backpack

In Language Arts class over the summer, we read a book called Finding Someplace.

In Finding Someplace, a girl named Reesie lives in New Orleans when a famous hurricane called Katrina comes rushing into shore turning into a category 5. Reesie is over with her very old neighbor, Mrs. Martine’s, when the hurricane comes through their area. Her brother Jordan comes over to the neighbor’s house with his girlfriend, suddenly the house starts flooding and they are forced to the attic and soon the flooding gets so high they are forced to go onto the roof. From there a man in a Jon boat finds them and brings them to a bridge where military men help them get to a safe place called the dome. In the dome, Reesie starts walking around. She brought a backpack with all of the family’s values and insurance papers for the house. When she is walking around, she has her backpack stolen.

In class, we got a drawing of a backpack and we drew all of the  things we thought we would need. This is what I put in my backpack: 7 packages of rations, a bag of clothes, a bow drill, a laptop, a blow up pillow, a big package of batteries, an Eno (hammock), a tarp (for the hammock), a SOS signal, a box with keys for my jet boat, jet ski, and houses, a phone, a file package with the paperwork for the house, a survival box, a package with dog food for my dog, a safe with stacks of money and a credit card, and hooked on the side of the drawing is a water bottle and a 14 inch Bowie knife. And that’s all of the stuff I think I would put in a backpack if I had to evacuate my house. They are things that would help me survive.


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