My fifth blog post!

Now I will show you some cards.

If you go to the top right you will see two trees. Those represent two forest lands and you must put those two lands down to play this card but you have 10 uther random lands to play the card but you see the x on the card well let’s say you have two creatures out well you have to put two random lands so the amount of creatures you have in play that is the amount of lands you have to have out.

You see on this it says flying that means it can only be hit by another flying or some instants can kill them and some cards can if it says it can. And when you deal damage to a player they have to discard their hand and draw 7 more cards. Some cards have funny things near the bottom and some do not have any funny things at the bottom.

Same with this one it is flying to and if you play one fire land and one random land then dragons that you have on in play get +1/+0.

This one is one of my favorites, it has a lot of abilities.

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