Language Arts Planking Adventure

Do you people of this beautiful earth like planking? Well in my language arts class we planked every day increasing by the week a little bit each time. We did this from September 13, 2021 to November 23, 2021. The increasing step is called the compound effect. The compound effect helps you get more comfortable and helps you get better with what you’re doing. So we did this in our class using planking on the last day our teacher told us to plank as long as we can. One of the things that was challenging in the plank challenge was committing to doing it every day. Another thing I noticed was that if I did it every day it got easier and easier.

One thing that I thought was great about this challenge is that it not only helps build up your physical strength but it also help build up your mental strength. So when the challenge ended I thought that I would slowly start losing this mental strength so every day I tried meditating and it really help and made me better at planking.

Then she told us to pick a new habit and do it for the rest of the year. So I picked my new habit. So every morning I wake up and do push-ups, sit-ups , and Russian twists. I also plank for 15-28 mins every day and I’m hopeful to get to 1 hour near the end of the year. Hope you enjoyed this planking post amazing people 🤩.


Mountain biking!!!!!

Hello fellow humans, I’m going to talk about my favorite hobby, mountain biking.  Lots of people know how to bike and you might even have a bike, but have you ever been on a trail before? There’s lots of different types of biking; there’s bmx biking which is like doing tricks in a skate park. There’s road biking which is basically biking on a road and you have much thinner wheels. Then there’s mountain biking. Mountain biking is different. When you mountain bike you’re not on a road, you’re on a trail. Trails have obstacles , drops, turns, up hills and  more but mountain biking is actually really hard and you have to be ready to fall down or get hurt. Then there’s the biggest thing of all, you have to be ready to commit. When I first started I had a little bit of a hard time myself, but then I realized that you just have to commit. But one of the best things about mountain biking is the community. I’ve made some great friends in my experience and you can too. Listen in for more mountain biking info!!!!


Window or Mirror

Today in Language Arts class we learned what a window book is and what a mirror book is. A window book is a book where you’re looking at something or someone. A mirror book is a book where you’re looking at yourself or you see yourself in that book’s situation. One of my favorite books is the Wildlife Encyclopedia. This book is a great book that tells you about different animals and habitats from around the world. This book is informing people about other animals and places, it’s not telling you of something you might do, so that means it’s a window,because you’re looking at something else. This is a great window book to learn about animals’ lives and habitats.

My Backpack

In Language Arts class over the summer, we read a book called Finding Someplace.

In Finding Someplace, a girl named Reesie lives in New Orleans when a famous hurricane called Katrina comes rushing into shore turning into a category 5. Reesie is over with her very old neighbor, Mrs. Martine’s, when the hurricane comes through their area. Her brother Jordan comes over to the neighbor’s house with his girlfriend, suddenly the house starts flooding and they are forced to the attic and soon the flooding gets so high they are forced to go onto the roof. From there a man in a Jon boat finds them and brings them to a bridge where military men help them get to a safe place called the dome. In the dome, Reesie starts walking around. She brought a backpack with all of the family’s values and insurance papers for the house. When she is walking around, she has her backpack stolen.

In class, we got a drawing of a backpack and we drew all of the  things we thought we would need. This is what I put in my backpack: 7 packages of rations, a bag of clothes, a bow drill, a laptop, a blow up pillow, a big package of batteries, an Eno (hammock), a tarp (for the hammock), a SOS signal, a box with keys for my jet boat, jet ski, and houses, a phone, a file package with the paperwork for the house, a survival box, a package with dog food for my dog, a safe with stacks of money and a credit card, and hooked on the side of the drawing is a water bottle and a 14 inch Bowie knife. And that’s all of the stuff I think I would put in a backpack if I had to evacuate my house. They are things that would help me survive.


my 12th blog post

If you are a Lego Star wars fan this is the place to be. There is so many sets you can get. If you get a bunch of sets over the years you can make a big fort right now my play room is a planet and the Imperials have taken it over.

You got to at least have pieces to build walls and all other sorts of things you don’t exactly have to have the set now the sets will make it a lot better like with an TIE fighter in it.

my 11th blog post

Today I am going to tell you about my Easter. As usual I woke up first and I got out of bed. I lay there for a second or two and then got up and went down stairs. We were in are mountain house. I looked around for my Easter basket. It was sitting on the table filed with Goode’s.

Of course I got some candy but I got a lot of other things too. Like little squishy animals that you squish and slime and a book so yeah I also did a Easter egg hunt and got CANDY! How was your Easter?


My 10ty blog post

Hello everyone today I am going to show you some cool things it will be a surprise I hope you like it.

First I am going you a pogo trick bored. You put two feet on the pades then learn how two balance. balanceing is pretty hard. Just keep making sure you put your wate in the middle. Next you can start to hop it is so fun!



Next I am going to tell you about the pindaloo. The ball goes into one tube and then out another after that you try to get it in a row.

My 9th blog post

Have any of you been to Snowmass. Well I have. Snowmass is a great place. It is in Aspen Colorado lucky when we went we got a straight flight there. First I am going to tell you about the chare lift’s the first is a gondola. A gondola is a box shaped thing that can fit 1-6 people.

Next is a lift. A lift can hold different amount of people so it depends on the lift. A lift at snowmass can hold 6 people.




Next is the poma lift you put the pole between your legs and it pulls you.








My 8th blog post

Now I am going to show you a leafwing.

Description: wiped out during the tree Wars with the hivewings, but while they lived, this tribe had green and brown scales and wings were   shaped like leaves

Abilities: could absorb energy from sun light and we’re accomplished gardeners; some were rumored to have unusual control over plants

Queen: last known queen of leafwings was Queen Sequoia, about fifty years ago, at the time of the tree Wars



Know I’m going to show you a Silkwing.

Description: silkwing dragonets are born wingless, but go through metamorphosis at age six, when they develop there 4 big wings and silk spinning abilities; as beautiful  and as gentle as butterflies, with skales in any color under the sun, except black

Abilities: can spin silk from glands on there wrists to create webs or uther woven articles; can detect vibrations with there antennae to assess threats

Queen: Queen Wasp (the last silk wing queen, before the Tree Wars, was Queen Monarch)